Begin Your Journey to Stay Near the CROSS

  • Handmade Oak Cross

    $8.00 per cross or $125.00 for a box of 25 (35% savings)
    Prices include shipping and handling
    Help sustain the Christian faith and its inspirational ministry by displaying the holy cross. The natural beauty of this wooden cross complements the glory of Christian faith. Made in the Grand Teton area in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, each cross is unique – with the splendor of its genuine oak grain giving a distinctive design to each. The clean lines and natural colors of this handmade cross easily complement any setting or décor, making it a perfect gift for yourself, your religious group or friends and family.

    Each cross is carefully packaged with additional supporting information to help each owner understand the importance of the cross and the journey before them. Along with the cross, the package includes The Story of the Cross, A Responsive Reading Card and a printed gift envelope to enclose the contents for giving the package to others.  Order yours today!
    Prices include shipping and handling
    Total: $8.00